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Hi! My name is Axelle Lens and in 2016 I founded the webshop By Lenz. This started very small with just a few pieces in a small room of 10m2 at my parents' home.

All I had was a laptop and a dream.

I actually graduated as an interior architect from Hasselt University, but deep down I always had the dream of opening my own clothing store. I just never thought this would ever be possible. When I couldn't find work as an interior architect, I decided to take my chance. The webshop had a quiet start, but I enjoyed seeing that people actually wanted to buy the clothing I chose! This gave me enough perseverance to make it a success. It had to be done, because this was really what I wanted to do in my life.

The webshop continued to grow well and after six months I had enough turnover to pay the rent on a commercial property. A physical store was ultimately my big dream so I decided to take the leap. I opened a store in the Herentalsstraat in Turnhout center, where we still reside today. It was super exciting, but I did it!



Where I initially did everything alone, both the store and the webshop, due to our growth it was time to expand and hire a team. Our team currently consists of myself, our store manager Elke, webshop manager Eline and my friend Rik who takes care of the technical side of the webshop behind the scenes. In the meantime there are already 4 of us!

It's super cliché, but team work really makes the dream work. I realize every day that it would not be possible without such a TOP team. I am so immensely proud of us!

On to the next challenges! Stay tuned, because our story is far from over!

xxx Axelle